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from scratch

Go from zero to SaaS superhero in no time
Let Zakardo do the heavy lifting while you focus on your unique value proposition.

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Everything you need to build a great SaaS product

Use Zakardo's managed services to build and grow you SaaS faster

Identity management

Subscription management

Payment processing

Multitenancy as a Service

Plan management

Email communication

SaaS Admin dashboard

Reporting and analytics

And more ...

Why use Zakardo?


Go to market up to 10 times faster

With its unique SDK and multitude of production ready starters avaialble in all popular programing languages and framworks, Zakardo makes building SaaS products up to 10 times faster

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Focus on building your unique value proposition(UVP)

Let Zakardo take care of all the non unique features of your SaaS such as : authantication, subscription management, Payment processing, Plan managmeent.... etc

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Support any SaaS business model out of the box

Whether you serve individual customers, teams, charge based on features or charge based on usage, Zakardo got you covered

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Pivote faster and stay ahead of the game

On average startups pivote 3 to 4 times in their first year, with Zakardo you can adapt or totally change your business model and offerings right from the Admin dashboard

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Add modules and functionalities as you grow

Zakardo is a modular product that allows you to customize it to your needs and add new modules as your business grows

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And much more

Marketing automation, E-Mail communication as a service, in-app notifications, churn reporting, SaaS business intelligence... and even more

One SDK to rule them all

Build your SaaS with Zakardo by using its powerful and modular SDK that allows you to integrate all the functionality and feature you need in a couple lines of code

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Our SDK is avaialble in all major programing languages:

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Zakardo is a aPaaS(Application Platform as a Service) product that is targeted towards anyone building a new SaaS product be it an entrepreneur, a newly funded startup or a team at a large company. With Zakardo's modularity and flexibility you can jump start your SaaS project no matter what industry or business model you want to build.

Zakardo not only helps you speedup the development process of your SaaS project it will acompany you during your growth and expenssion phase by providing functionality like marketing automation, in app communication tools as well as reporting and analytics during your journey into becmoing the next SaaS unicorn

Zakardo can be defined as a vertical Platform as a Service for SaaS development, It offers managed services that allow you to build your own SaaS products using your favorit technology, While Zakardo can act as a Backend for your SaaS it does not limit you to that.

Zakardo offers it's own IAM solution as one of its SaaS tailored services but it also integrates with external 3rd party IDaaS providers. Zakardo offeres many other managed services that are not part of Identity, services such as Subscription management and maypemt processing, CRM as a Service, or even Automated email marketing.

Zakardo will help you monitor, grow, understand and scale your product without having to spend a fortune. With its modular apprach, Zakardo offers you tools and services to help you get started quickly but also for every other phase of your SaaS journey Zakardo helps you keep control and stay ahead of the game with its many services targeted towards later stages of your SaaS journey.

You can integrate Zakardo into your SaaS project either by using an SDK and frontend custom components or directly via a dedicated API. You can ofcourse also use the console and admin dashboard to view and manage your SaaS directly.

Yes, most of the features offered by Zakardo support the integration with 3rd party service providers such as payment processing, IAM, marketing automation, E-Mail communication ... and more.

Yes, the Zakardo teams developes and maintains free open source starters directly integrated with Zakardo in different programming languaes and frameworks aimed at helping our customers get started even faster

This depends heavily on the language and framworks a user pickes but we were able to launch a Production Hello world SaaS product with Nodejs and Express in the backend and Angular in the frontend in less than 8 hours